The Quick and the Damned (music and lyrics by Ian Revell)

It was the middle of the morning
I couldn’t get out of bed
I felt my eyes sealed shut
There was a pain in my head
I couldn’t move a muscle
And it was getting late
But then my mom burst in
And she set me straight
She said you gotta get moving
‘Cause the world has changed
It won’t wait for you
spinning wheels in your brain
You only get one shot
Gotta do what you can
In the world these days ...
You’re quick or you’re damned ...

And so I went to my job
And it was more of the same
Hustle that muscle
That’s the name of the game
I tried to look busy
But I wasn’t that good
You know I just couldn’t fake it
Like some of them could
The boss said to me stop wasting time
If you wanna be here you’d better fall in line
‘Cause life is changing gotta do what you can
In the world these days ...
You’re quick or you’re damned ...

Where do you stand?
Are you quick or are you damned?

You’re quick or you’re damned ...

So I finally decided
That I was sick of it
If this is the game
Then I’m gonna quit
Get out of the rat race
It's not made for me
I went to a party
I finally was free
I was talking to this girl and things were fine
I was starting to relax and feel peace of mind
It seemed like there were good things ahead
Let the night go on and just see where it led
But then she started to look at me strange
I wondered what had made her change
I started to think maybe I should go
Then she looked at me and said, ‘You know
You might have made it here to the front of the line
But I won’t hang around just wasting time
I think I like you but I must say
There’s another guy who wants you outta the way
And a thousand men lookin for the same thing as you
And a million fish in the sea so what do you do?
If you want your shot then show me the plan
If you want to get to heaven ...

Well what are you?

Are you quick?

Could it be
I’ve been wrong
All of my life
I’ve just been taking too long
I’ve gotta move
And seize the day
But I know that if we don’t slow down then we’re all damned anyways ...

included on Seven Years, 2014