Next show - Oct 22 @ Remix Lounge for The Batcave North!

This will be our LAST SHOW for 2016.  And we are stoked about it ... The Batcave North has been a consistently great event and we were honoured Ivan Palmer wanted us to be a part of it.  For the uninitiated - Batcave North is one of Toronto's longest-running old school goth nights, now mounted only once or twice a year but always a big event when it happens. 

COME OUT EARLY because there are drink specials from 8-10 and we are on about 10-10:45.  Then dance the night away with two of Toronto's best goth DJs, DJ Ivan Palmer and DJ Darkness Visible.

After this show ... I'm retreating to a cabin in the woods to write the next record and I'll see you in 2017.

If you're on FB, join the event page here!

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