Dead is Better (music and lyrics by Ian Revell)

She is a creature of habit
But all her habits are bad
She has a strange compulsion
It's going to drive her mad
Every night at the graveyard
She goes digging for bones
But when the past is buried
You'd better leave it alone 

Because sometimes, dead is better
Sometimes dead is better
Sometimes dead is better

She forms strong attachments
And she can't let them go
And they take her back now
To the place that she knows
In the park with the skeletons
She wants to dig up my bones
But when I'm resting in pieces
You'd better leave me alone

Because sometimes dead is better ... 

Is there life in this body?
Can you really raise the dead
I guess you could surprise me
I know ... I can be easily led
But be careful what you wish for
You should not have come around
The last time I saw you, you were throwing dirt on my body
But this time, I think you'll be the one left underground

first released as a single in 2012, also featured on Seven Years