Black Box  (music and lyrics by Ian Revell)

Lost in the blazing heat
Of an endless summertime
I wandered far from home
To follow the thinnest line
She found me broken down
Dying of thirst, in pain
Delight spread across her face
And before I knew it - I was in love again

And when the winds blew cold
I brought her into my home
We made a shelter there
I kept her safe and warm
But I was soon to find
That we were not alone
She had a secret side - she didn’t know it
It was hidden inside a

Black box

I tore my world apart trying to find it
Looking to unravel, all the secrets of her mind
But the further I went, the more confused I became
Inside the lie was the truth just realigned

The black box ...

It rained on the day I knew
That we had gone too far
I thought that I had control
but I was just a passenger
She looked deep into my eyes
as we headed for the drop
She said they’ll never understand us
Until they read the black box ...


from Seven Years, 2014