Upcoming gig - Hamilton's VAMPYRE Masquerade!


Exciting show coming up in a few weeks - we are featuring at the VAMPYRE Masquerade, an ASYLUM event in Hamilton!

Check out the Facebook link for info on tickets!


Release party in Toronto Feb. 25th!


All the info you need is on the poster ... but the FB event link is here for those who prefer ...


Preview of the next album cover!


Here's a sneak preview of our new album cover!  Since it's a remix album we were trying to play off the look of the original album cover, and so we contacted artist Caryn Drexl to ask her if she had any more images from the photo session that the cover shot for Seven Years came from.  Incredibly, that session only resulted in one other image - which we are using a detail from - check it out!  Release date TBA but it's coming soon ....





Many of you probably know that key Double Eyelid collaborator Karl Mohr had a rich solo career spanning a couple of decades before the DE project even began. Recorded during 2002 and originally released as a limited edition CD only, "Magic Christmas" is a wild and truly bent ride through the Christmas classics. Treasured by the few who had copies as perhaps the one truly essential Christmas album, on its 13th anniversary Mohr has finally decided to make it available to the masses with a free digital release. Download it now - it's like a Christmas album made by aliens. DO NOT MISS THIS. Link below. Please share!



Mini-Tour of Quebec!


Double Eyelid is excited to have a pair of shows coming up this weekend in Quebec City and Montreal.  This is our first trip to Quebec City and we're thrilled to be going.  While we've been to Montreal before, this weekend will be our first gig at legendary goth venue The Katacombes!  Hope to see you there!

You can add yourself to the event page for Quebec City by clicking here

You can add yourself to the event page for Montreal by clicking here

Au plaisir de vous y voir!



Interview with Ian in Peek-a-Boo Magazine (Belgium)


Ian spoke with Didier Becu for Peek-a-Boo magazine last month and the interview has just been published ...

Click here to read it!


Hallowe'en Gigs coming up!

Remix album coming soon!


I'm excited to announce that a remix album of tracks from "Seven Years" will be coming soon, featuring contributions from Leaether Strip, Psyche, LaNada, nTTx, Reactive Black and more!  Stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy our new video ...




Video release coming soon!

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